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President and CEO


After 25 years of industry experience, Todd Lambert and partner Jay Colucci founded EventSphere in 2009 as a service-oriented housing company.

During his time with the Atlanta Sheraton Hotel and Ambassadors (onPeak), Todd successfully built his brand with strengths in contract negotiation, standardized operating procedures, and increased booking capture rates, thus cementing his reputation as a true industry leader.

His passion and emphasis on customer service earns unwavering client loyalty, which results in EventSphere’s 98% retention rate.  Well known for his approachability and sense of fairness, Lambert fosters genuine employee loyalty. Since its inception, EventSphere has garnered a number of awards and recognition from various business publications. Best Places to Work in Atlanta, ’13 & ’14; Best and Brightest Places to Work, recognized four years locally and one year nationally.


Owner, Chief Services Officer

With a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and as a certified Project Manager, Jay has led project management offices (PMOs) and large project teams for most of his career. For over 15 years, Jay has applied project management practices to the housing industry, becoming known as the go-to person to keep technical matters running smoothly and efficiently.

A New York native now residing in Atlanta, Jay first began working with Todd to create a project management tool for event managers that would generate a milestone-based event timeline—the first of its kind in the industry—ensuring prompt, transparent communication between managers and clients.

Jay’s career has included many professional successes, and he considers starting EventSphere with Todd to be the greatest of these. They’ve watched the company grow from one client and one show to 80 shows in just seven years and are proud that their promise to provide the best customer service in the industry remains goal number one.


Executive Vice President

Kim brought her humor, infectious personality, along with 13 years of extensive industry background to EventSphere five years ago.  Kim previously served as Associate Director of Finance & Operations for Ambassadors (onPeak), as well as, the Database Manager for The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Georgia and Alabama.

Parnell began working as an account coordinator in 2004 with Ambassadors (OnPeak). After successfully navigating her way from one industry position, to the next, her unique perspective is key in assisting her efforts as a leader within the EventSphere team.

Kim’s tasks include the management of day-to-day operations and she is also responsible for developing software training manuals and systems for employees. She also leads a team of Senior Directors in cross-functional growth strategies. Kim’s unique abilities and extensive training in data management allows her to transform EventSphere’s clients’ needs and desires into reality.


Vice President of Business Development

With more than 15 years of industry sales experience, Tracy has a strong network of resources and business relationships in the Atlanta, Chicago and D.C. areas.  She currently serves as Vice President of Business Development, focusing on new business and brand awareness.

Tracy has unique insight into our industry as she has worked on the client management side, as well as, the hotel sales side.  This knowledge helps her understand the intricacies of our industry, enabling her to appropriately match each client with what they need in order to be successful.

Tracy spent the majority of her career working for Choose Chicago, within the Chicago and D.C. areas. While in Washington, she also represented the cities of Atlanta and San Antonio in the meetings and events market. Janosko has been featured in a number of national meetings, conventions and business publications regarding trends and best practices.

A native of Louisiana, Janosko attended LSU and graduated from McNeese State University. Tracy is now based in Houston, Texas where she directs business development for EventSphere nationwide.


Executive Director of Administration and Finance

With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Alice has been an integral part of EventSphere from the very beginning.

As a sales manager for the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, Ambassadors (onPeak), and Aberdeen Woods Conference Center, Alice brings a wealth of industry knowledge and a Swiss Army knife approach to her position at EventSphere. While serving as the first line of defense for Accounting, she is also the right hand to the President and CEO, Todd Lambert. Alice is also a key player in Human Resources, Travel Planning, and Customer Care.

Alice takes a ‘company first’ approach to problem solving and conflict resolution, always applying her personal motto of “never settling for less than excellence.” She firmly believes you can find joy in helping others reach their full potential. Jones’ professional achievements include a handpicked nomination by the President of Tuskegee University to lead the sales and marketing team; being selected as Employee of the Year for Sheraton Atlanta Hotel during the 1996 Olympics.


Director of Operations

Since joining the EventSphere team, April has become known for her open-door leadership policy, as well as, her focus on account growth through client satisfaction. Her skills in historical data analysis heavily supports our internal policy development and staff training, while furthering our efforts to perfect efficiency within Event Management.

April’s industry experience includes the development of exhibitor outreach, employee accountability programs, along with multi-office coordination to facilitate the Ambassadors / onPeak merger. April’s effective marketing strategies allowed her to eliminate $1m+ in inherited attrition damages, resulting in her recognition as the 2013 onPeak employee of the year.

For April, there is no challenge too big… or too small.


VP Industry Relations

With over two decades of industry experience in sales and operations, Bernie’s management positions at Biltmore Suites Hotel, Inn at the Peachtrees Hotel, Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, and Ambassadors (onPeak) makes him the perfect fit for industry relations. A problem-solver, known for his “people skills,” Bernie’s solid reputation, personally and professionally, assists him greatly in his efforts representing the EventSphere team.

Experience in sales, contract negotiation, marketing campaigns, call center & room block management, budget analysis, as well as, onsite support, solidifies Wilke as an expert in every facet of our industry.  This wealth of knowledge assists him in creating long-term client relationships, helping him exceed expectations at every available opportunity.


Senior Marketing Manager

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations, Christina joined the EventSphere team as a coordinator and quickly moved up to become Senior Event and Operations Manager. Her creativity and attention to detail proved to be key elements for her success in all positions. She is now heading up all event and company marketing initiatives, making presentations and proposals for potential clients, and managing individual events.

Around the office, Christina is known as the creative person with the magic touch; anything she touches always looks better. She challenges herself every day and hopes to embody one of Steve Jobs’ most famous quotes, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

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