It’s a New Stay

Your safety is our top priority.

DoubleTree Milwaukee Downtown


What services do you intend to have for guests bringing their vehicles?

  • Valet parking – Drivers will wear face masks and use hand sanitizer after parking each car

Will your hotel have bell staff?

  • No

How will the property facilitate the ability to provide tips at guests’ discretion?

  • Cash
  • Credit


How will the front desk be set up compared to normal operating procedures?

  • Hand sanitizer for desk agents
  • Hand sanitizer for guests
  • Desk agents wearing masks or other PPE
  • Protective barrier/sneeze shield installed at the front desk
  • Social distancing markers at check-in lines
  • Mobile check-in
  • Mobile room key
  • Temperature check for staff


What will be the new housekeeping protocols?

  • Hilton clean stay program Lysol wipes will be used on the following in each room Lights, switches and electronic controls all handles and knobs major bathrooms surfaces climate controls remotes controls telephones and clocks. Lysol spray will be used on all furniture drapes and carpet.

How frequently will housekeeping be cleaning public areas of the hotel?

  • Entrance doors elevators and hand rails will be cleaned every hour.

How often will lobby and other common space furniture be cleaned? (e.g. chairs, end tables, center tables, couches, etc.)

  • Every 2 hours

How frequently will towels and bed linens be changed?

  • On stay overs rooms that request service used towels will be changed daily sheets every 3rd day unless requested otherwise

What is the property’s plan for cleaning other necessary items in rooms, such as remote controls or telephones?

  • Cleaned with Lysol wipes every time they are cleaned

Will single-use paper and plastics be used?

  • Yes

What, if any, sustainability practices will still be in place?

  • We will recycle paper and glass and participate in the clean the world program sending out partially used soaps and shampoos

How will each room be prepared between guests?

  • All linens are changed rooms are cleaned with a hospital-grade sanitizer, switches, knobs, and controls are wiped with Lysol wipes. Chairs carpets are sprayed with Lysol disinfectant. Then inspected.

How long will a room sit empty before being cleaned?

  • 24 hours

How long will a room sit empty before checking another guest in?

  • A minimum of a day


Which of your restaurants will be open and what will their hours be?

  • The Avenue Restaurant – currently 6am to 7:00pm. We anticipate to go to our regular hours within the next couple of weeks which would be 6am-11 breakfast 11-2pm lunch and 5pm -1opm dinner Carry out would be available from 6am- 11pm

What new processes will be in place to ensure restaurant spaces are adequately sanitized and disinfected?

  • Tables and seats are sanitized between each use. Service ware is brought to guests when serving and condiments are brought to the table as needed. All service personal wear masks

When and how frequently will restaurants be deep cleaned?

  • After each meal period

How will menu items be presented?

  • Disposable paper menus

Will there be Grab and Go menu options?

  • Based on future communication with the from the DNC this might be offered. All would be prepackaged

Will room service be available?

  • Yes – All would be in to go or disposal items currently we deliver to the desk moving forward we anticipate delivering to the guest room door no entrance to the room. staff with masks

Will your gift or sundries shop be open?

  • Yes

Would you consider having masks and gloves available for purchase?

  • Yes


Can you give us an overview of your COVID-19 training program?

  • Valet mask worn hand sanitizer between vehicles. Front desk shields (masks). Social distancing – rooms left vacant 24 hours between guests. Housekeeper increased sanitizing per Hilton clean stay program. Seal placed on the door after inspection – guest to break the seal on check-in. Masks and gloves worn by cleaning staff. Restaurant sanitizing, social distancing.

What protocols will the property have in place for guests?

  • Social distancing

What protocols and policies will the property have in place for staff?

  • COVID-19 sick-leave requirements
  • Frequent handwashing
  • Gloves requirements
  • Mask requirements
  • Reporting cold- or flu-like symptoms and refraining from work
  • Social distancing
  • Temperature and/or other well-being checks
  • Use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Will social distancing procedures be based on federal, state, and/or local mandates?

  • Yes

Which staff will be increased in order to maintain new standards?

  • Housekeeping
  • Guest Services (onsite)
  • Valet

What plan does your property have to respond to an individual who will not abide by the safety protocols put in place (e.g. refusal to wear a mask)?

  • We will not require masks we will encourage social distancing through signage

Will staff be trained in de-escalation?

  • Yes

Will other methods be used (e.g. onsite security or request for law enforcement in extraordinary situations)?

  • Yes

Will your property appoint a single individual to be designated as the primary contact responsible for infection mitigation and implementation of COVID-19 related protocols?

  • Yes – Jeff Welk, General Manager

Has your hotel modified its Emergency Action Plan?

  • No

Has your egress plan been modified?

  • No

Has your hotel modified its Manager On-Duty guidelines?

  • Yes – Training on procedures for COVID policies


What items will your property have readily available in public spaces?

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wipes in guest rooms

How will the hotel monitor the amount of people in elevators/waiting to get on elevators?

  • Signage to recommend social distancing

Will the occupancy of elevators be limited to a percentage of normal capacity?

  • 4 guests or 50%

How often will public restrooms be cleaned?

  • Hourly

Will the occupancy of public restrooms be limited to a percentage of normal capacity?

  • No

Will your hotel’s gym/workout facility be open?

  • Yes

What will your new cleaning process be for this space?

  • Every 2 hours equipment will be wiped down wipes and sanitizer are provided in the area as well as a full bathroom with soap and towels. A reduction of equipment to assist with social distancing.

Will your hotel’s business center be open?

  • Yes

What will your new cleaning process be for this space?

  • Every 2 hours

Please list any additional public facilities that will be open.

  • Sundeck


Will you allow separate meeting/conference registration to be set up in your lobby?

  • Yes

Does your hotel offer full food and beverage service for meetings/conferences?

  • Yes – Plated service will be available

Will there be disposable silverware?

  • Yes

Will buffets be an option?

  • No

How will meeting rooms be sanitized between sessions?

  • Wipe down handles, AV, switches and chair frames with a hospital grade sanitizer

Will the hotel require longer breaks between sessions in order to provide enough time to disinfect seats?

  • Yes

How will AV equipment (including microphones, clickers, and podiums) be sanitized between users?

  • Wiped down with a hospital-grade sanitizer hand sanitizer will be available

Are physical handouts and swag allowed?

  • Yes

What guidelines can our organizers model to help guests observe proper social distancing at receptions and networking events?

  • Recommend the wearing of masks and promote social distancing


What in-room amenities do you currently provide?

  • In-Room: Shampoo, Conditioner, shower gel, lotion, coffee and tea
  • Upon Request: Toothbrush and paste, sewing kit, shower cap, shaving cream, razor and deodorant

Will standard items be removed from rooms such as coffee pots, minibar options, iron, glassware, refillable shampoo/body wash?

  • No – coffee service is disposable iron will be wiped down at check out

How will the hotel monitor the number of people in each hotel room?

  • Confirmed at check-in

Will the hotel disallow more than single or double occupancy for rooms where the occupants do not already live together?

  • Yes

Will the hotel still offer shuttle services?

  • No

Will the hotel have any limits on the number of floors or rooms opened at one time?

  • All floors open

If your property does learn that a guest has tested positive, presumptive positive, or is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, what is the response protocol?

  • In speaking with the health department it would somewhat depend on the person’s condition. In some cases, we might allow them to stay and self-quarantine for the duration of the symptoms. We would deliver food/beverages to the door no cleaning service would be provided. We would seek guidance from the COVID nurse hot line Answers below could vary I was told there is not a one size fits all answer. The name of the guest would fall under the HIPA guidelines we would advise that we have a case

Will symptomatic guests be isolated/nearby guests relocated?

  • Yes

Will your property contact health officials?

  • Yes

Will your property notify the group’s contacts (DNCC) of this incident and who is involved?

  • Yes

Will your property conduct contact tracing and notify other impacted guests?

  • No

Will your property initialize heavy sanitation of all common spaces, entryways, and other public property areas where the symptomatic guests have been?

  • Yes